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For 30 years, Virginia Capitol Connections has kept you in the loop. Virginia Capitol Connections first directory, which is referred to by many as “ The Red Book,” first went to print in 1987. The Red Book, a directory of the 140 legislators includes information such as phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses and much more. It has developed over those 30 years into a directory full of color photos (something it was lacking in 1987) and information. Some might say our Red Book is one of the most popular items at the temporary General Assembly Building (GAB). You can pick up a copy at the temporary GAB, find the flipbook version online, bring it up on your smart phone in our new app or have your very own copy mailed to you by ordering online HERE.

Virginia Capitol Connections has several other smaller directories we publish yearly to keep those around the Commonwealth informed. In the summer of 1991 we published the first edition of our second directory Elect No Strangers. Elect No Strangers is a directory of candidates running for state offices in the current November election. We include campaign headquarter information, email addresses, websites and more. In 1993 we printed the first edition of our Lobbyist & Legislative Liaisons Directory, also referred to as “The Black Book.” The Black Book has grown substantially since its first edition over 20 years ago. This publication contains both registered lobbyists and legislative contacts for associations. Anyone who is a lobbyist may be included in this directory. In 2016 we printed our second edition of our In Service to Our Country Directory. The first edition was printed in 2001. The In Service to Our Country directory features legislatures and key figures from the Executive Branch who have served our Country. We were pleased to have the opportunity to honor our veterans.   

Our quarterly magazine, Virginia Capitol Connections Quarterly Magazine (VCCQM) has kept Virginians in the loop for more than 25 years. VCCQM, in print and online, is your one-stop source for non-partisan statewide political news. Get the story, direct and fresh, from those who make it happen every day—the governor, lieutenant governor and Attorney General; the pundits, professors, and policymakers; the legislators, lobbyists, and liaisons; the columnists, citizens and candidates. The magazine, which was first published in 1994, has brought you interviews with and stories by prominent players in the Commonwealth. You can count on balanced coverage, with point-counterpoint opinion pieces. 

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